January 2021
White Christmas Cactus Bloom Fully Open
January 31 . White Christmas Cactus Bloom Fully Open

White Christmas Cactus Bloom
January 30 . White Christmas Cactus Bloom Just Opening

Ansel Adams Exhibit
January 29 . Ansel Adams Exhibit At Piedmont Arts

Wire Zebras
January 28 . Wire Zebras On Black With Lint

Mike Haley Cleaning Game Room Floor
January 27 . Mike Haley Cleaning His Uptown Video Arcade

Jennifer's Cryptomeria Tree
January 26 . Jennifer's Cryptomeria Tree

Goodbye Comcast
January 25 . Goodbye Comcast TV!

Larry and His Guineas
January 24 . Sleeping Solo :: Larry and His Guineas

Tobacco Barn Rt. 57 and Deer Haven Road
January 23 . Tobacco Barn Route 57 and Deer Haven Road

Vines Tobacco Barn Near Axton
January 22 . Vines - Tobacco Barn Near Axton

Elevator Shaft American Furniture
January 21 . Elevator Shaft American Furniture

Along the Cart Path - Hole #6
January 20 . Along The Cart Path

Methodist Steeple With A Church
January 19 . A Steeple With A Church - Danville, VA

Raked Sand Trap
January 18 . Raked Sand Trap

Leatherwood Creek In Winter
January 17 . Leatherwood Creek - Water From Turkeycock Mountain.

Temple Beth Sholom (Redone) - Old West End Area, Danville, VA
January 16 . Temple Beth Sholom, Old West End, Danville, VA . Redone

Dutch Rooster With Masai Necklace on Flame Stitch Fabric
January 15 . A rooster bought in Belgium wearing a Masai necklace bought in Tanzania reclining on a sofa

Chatham Road - Old Tobacco Barn With New Red Pipes
January 14 . An old tobacco barn sporting new red pipes - Chatham Road

Evan's Paper Tree
January 13 . Evan built this Origami Tree when he was a youngster

Winter Mushrooms
*January 12 . Mushrooms growing along a stone path

Light Fixture Center
January 11 . Center of a modern light fixture

Nippon Teapot
January 10 . An antique teapot, part of a set marked "Nippon"

Poinsettia - the Flower
January 9 . Center of a poinsettia showing the actual flower

Red Christmas Cactus
January 8 . Christmas Cactus bloom

Love these: Pat, Anne, and Fran @ Bassett Historical Center
January 7 . Pat, Anne, and Fran at the Bassett Historical Center. They are absolutely tops!

Flower Pot Abandoned and Neglected
January 6 . An abandoned flower pot in an overgrown yard along Starling Avenue

Berry-Elliott signs
January 5 . An abundance of real estate signs in Berry-Elliott's yard

Wonder Woman Travels With Me
January 4 . This statue of Wonder Woman inspires me - Be Relentless!

Hitchhiker Seeds
January 3 . Our fields and woods are full of these seeds

Peace Lily bloom
*January 2 . Nothing is prettier than a Peace Lily bloom

Paper cutouts
January 1 . Paper Cutouts - A new craft project

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