Elva's 2021~August

August 31. Ending August With Allison

August 30. Sedum

Safe too heavy for an inside floor
August 29. A very heavy safe collected by Ashley's Lock

Henry Hurt
August 28. Henry Hurt at Shadetree Rare Books - He's Back!

August 27. Grass Seeds With Handles

Chatmoss Hole #1
August 26. Chatmoss Hole #1 at 6:30 PM

Rotarians No Less
August 25. Rotarians celebrated their 75th Anniversary with blue icing!

Smith Mountain From Callands
August 24B. Smith Mountain From Callands @7PM

Store Near Callands
August 24 . Maynard Amos Grocery Near Callands

Sedum Ready to Bloom
August 23B . Sedum Ready to Bloom

Mental Illness
August 23A . Sometimes the photo of the day passes you in traffic ...

August 22 . The Path - Age 1 Year

Corn Close
August 21 . Corn as a hedge?

August 20 . Good Morning, Sunshine!

August 19 . Clematis Blossoms remind me of "Avatar"

A Day in Santa Fe
August 18 . Remembering Santa Fe

Cookie Mold
August 17 . Copy of a Gingerbread Cookie Mold From Williamsburg

August 16 . Bird's Nest Fungi

August 15 . PawPaw fruit from my backyard patch

Parkway View
August 14B . Devil's Backbone Overlook east from Blue Ridge Pky

Near Roanoke From The Blue Ridge Parkway
August 14A . South of Roanoke from the Blue Ridge Parkway; Fork Mountain Distant

August 13 . Wee Mushroom

Bay Leaf
August 12 . Surface of a Bay leaf

Mountain Mint Wildflower
August 11 . Mountain Mint Wildflower

Gerber Daisy
August 10 . c1/4 Gerber Daisy

August 9 . Onions

Caledonian Program
August 8 . Bill Mullen Sings To The Caledonians

Coral Bells
August 7 . Choral Bells

August 6 . Nightshade ~ Thorns waiting for a bare foot

August 5 . Just left my tripod there so she will get used to it.

August 4 . This Mantis lives in my coneflowers; her size has doubled over the last month.

August 3 . Penguins - Watercolor

C.W. Wall
August 2 . C.W. Wall Painting - see him 10 years ago

My Own Wine Label!
August 1 . My Own Wine Label! From Bill